Ship Management


We are one of the leading international transportation Company in Turkey enjoying an important position in shipping market and providing a range of Maritime Services which can be briefly summarized as shipowning, ship management and chartering.

We undertake the technical and the operation matters of our home tonnages and tonnages which are under our management with our highly skilled staff.

TECHNICAL: Technical and Ism department arrange the care and maintenance planning and impletementation of our vessels with different types and tonnages with utmost care by keeping up with the latest developments in Marine Business . They follow and implement all the developments in safety and security system.

OPERATION: The operation department monitors the vessels owned by our company, under our management right after a new voyage plan fixed. Operation department works in close coordination with chartering, technical, purchasing and human resources departments in order to keep the productivity of the vessels at the highest level. The activities carried out by the operation department are ;

  • Agency appointments,
  • Bunkering operations,
  • Surveyor appointments,
  • Following up the loading / discharge operations,
  • Following up of the hire - freight payments,
  • Handling the P&I related matters and claims,
  • Crew change operations.


    As a ship owner, we operate 3 vessels trading worldwide. We meet all management, chartering, operational, technical, ISM, crew management and purchasing services with our qualified and experienced staff.

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